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Traditional Cooking

Are small pasties with meat , chicken or cheese and onion filling then cooked in the oven).


Bread made with different kinds of chesses (traditional from Corrientes)


Humita en Chala
Are parcels of a mixture of corn made into a paste to which is added cheese flavoured with a light aromatic herb called albahaca. They can be eaten as a savoury or a sweet, add salt or sugar to your taste.


Is a smaller version of the ‘humita' and is savoury. The choclo or corn paste is mixed with beef or pork, finely chopped with small pieces of boiled egg. Wrapped in the leaf of the corn on the cob, it is boiled and served hot. Don't eat the ‘chala' the wrapping leaf.



Ñoquis de mandioca con salsa
Tapioca Gnocchi on sofá red lettuce plus cream or tomato sauce, onions and Basil.


Guiso de Lentejas bien criollo
Traditional casserole with beef, smoked bacon, “chorizo colorado ” (highly-seasoned pork sausage), carrots, potatoes, pepper  and onions.


The ‘King of Broths'. This is the meal that has welcomed home the tired and hungry gaucho for generations. A thick broth made from zapallo, a type of pumpkin, maiz blanco, white corn and poroto aluvia, a large white bean. To these are added chorizo español, a red spicey pork sausage, beef and pork, oxtail on the bone, salty bacon and marrow bones to give it a thick consistency. Every chef adds his or her own little special ingredients to their taste. Cooked for 3 hours the result is a thick nutricious broth that is the most traditional of Argentina 's meals. Served with a garnish of chopped spring onions and paprika, it is best eaten with a full bodied red regional wine.


A stew with carrots, corn, pumpking, potatoes, beef and peach


Pastel de humita y calabaza
Corn - creamy cheese and vegetables, pumpkin purée and pie.



Tomaticán con Chichoca de Tomate
Popular casserole from Cuyo, specially from Mendoza Province, the place through which tomatoes first entered into Argentina (from Chile), It consists of stirred casserole with fresh tomatoes, pieces of dry or dehydrated tomatoes, which concentrate flavor even more, pieces of bread soaked in milk and then fried, eggs, onions, cheese, and pieces of meat – Highly nutritious and healthy .


Cordero Estofado
Lamb stew ; lamb cooked on red wine with vegetables.


Tablas – Cold Cuts Boards

De salame y queso
Salami, cheese and olives served in a wooden plate

De quesos y fiambres ahumados
Lamb and wild boar (jabalí ) fillet served with cheese and dehydrated tomatoes.

Parrilla – B.B.Q

A Black pueding into a piece of bread.

A sausage into a piece of bread.
A cut of meat from the loin into a piece of bread.
Riñones $18
¼ Pollo $20
¼ Pollo deshuesado al limón $22
Asado de tira
A cut of meat from the ribs.
Matambre tiernizado
A cut from the belly and tenderized.
A cut of meat from the loin.

Pizza – Grilled
Médium size pizza cooked on grill


Mozzarella and olives


Mozzarella, onion and olives

Mozzarella, tomatoe, fresh garlic and olives

Ensaladas – Salads

Tomatoes, leaves, onions.


Tibia de quinoa
Made of an Andean cereal called quinoa and tomatoe, peppers and corn.


Postres - Dessert

Pastelito de Membrillo, Quince fried cake.

Pastelito de Batata, Swett potatoe fried cake $4
Arroz con leche
Rice with milk with canela.
Flan casero
Is an egg custard tart flavoured with canela and caramel, served with syrup or dulce de leche.
Panqueque con dulce de leche
Caramel Pancake
Dulce de cayote Salteño con nueces
A jam-like preserve of cayote, a squash similar to a watermelon
From the Spanish ‘cuaresma' meaning ‘Lent', this is a small peach that grows in the north of Argentina at a high altitude and is harvested around the ‘Lenten' period of the year.
One can eat quesillo with all the ‘Dulces'.

Quesillo con dulces regionales
Cheese with regional preserves .


Tentación Salteña
Ice cream : Jam like preserve of “cayote oe alcayota”, walnuts, cream and cinnamon.

Brownie tibio
Warm Chocolate cake with walnuts and cream ice cream.